The New Houseboat Book 2018

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Learn all about the joys and pitfalls of houseboat buying, living and selling!


The New Houseboat Book 2018The author David Greenaway founded The Houseboat Centre, a major
national resource for information on Houseboat living, having been regularly
consulted by major newspapers and television companies including the BBC.
YOU’VE never lived on a Houseboat before?
– Then this book is for YOU–
“Everything you ever wanted to know about Houseboat living but
didn’t dare to ask!”
That’s right, jam packed with informative detail discussing all the ins and
outs of how I lived on houseboats.- Water, electricity, toilets, baths, moorings,
planning permission, secure residential moorings, how to buy a boat. What
about finance? How long does it take? Will the boat sink?…. or let the rain in?
.. etc etc
You would like this book if you are thinking of selling your house etc and
moving on to a houseboat for the first time. The writer claims to be a
State-Registered Boat-Maniac, to have lived on houseboats for over 35
years – made most of the mistakes and to be keen to help others avoid them.
He continues to research innovative items and techniques at The Houseboat
Lakeside research of ice.
Over the years, thousands of people from all over the world have made the
journey to The Houseboat Centre for an interview with the author to find out
about Houseboat living in the UK and invariably reported it to be most useful
and helpful.
This aims to be the most comprehensive discussion about Houseboat life
available, so anyone you know, who lives in a houseboat, would love to have a
copy handy for reference


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